Mossoul Traditional Rugs - What They Really Are & How You Would Pick One

As far as traditional rugs go, this web site has a vast choice. In reality a person's budget for a traditional rug is not a deal breaker. A man-made fiber rug can be as cheap as thirty pounds or a hand-made one will set you back by tens of thousands. But most of us are not seeking the most affordable or the most expensive rug, we are seeking reasonable quality that will last for a number of years and will look good.

Traditional rugs will not be something that we will ever get bored with, it’s the most long lasting purchase you will ever make. We tend to purchase traditional rugs in order to enjoy them for a long time. But various timeless designs stay surprisingly modern even at this time. The most in-demand collection of classic patterns is the Mossoul Rugs. Years in the past the historical area of Mossoul (Mosul) was attracting rug traders from all nearby areas. This district went through the govern of the Turks, Macedonians, Arabs, but has hardly ever changed its personality as far as carpet traditiions goes. The phrase Muslin we have all heard of also derives from Mossoul.

You may possibly have come across Hamadan or Mosul - they are simply some other names for Mossoul traditional rugs. Caucasian rugs are the nearest relatives with Mossoul rugs, featuring the same geometrical patterns. But Mossoul rugs do not include strong and intense shades of Caucasian rugs. The colour scheme chosen is pleasant, unique and rustic. Many of the styles are like the Persian ones, however they are more minimalist and include much less details.
It is incredible how a traditional Mossoul designs can have such a fashionable appeal. Their impressive patterns make them a superb choice for modern day interiors. On the other hand they nonetheless maintain that sophisticated look of traditional rugs, that makes them great for any sort of classical traditional decor.

But how could you approach finding a Mossoul rug? Hand-made rugs can also be a good investment, but for most of us that's not a possibility. Moreover, you have to be cautious when acquiring a hand-made carpet as they do differ in quality. Some Mossoul rugs are produced from camel or even goat hair and preferably you need to feel the rug prior to buying it. Don't hesitate choosing machine made rugs if you want to buy online. Colour variations and modern day weaving techniques deliver results that can very easily compete with their hand-made substitutes.



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